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"Our hospital had given us the details for Liverpool Women's Hospital in order for us to get a second opinion on the diagnosis. We made contact only for them to tell us they couldn't accommodate us.…

A lone woman in an airport


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"Having to go through that in a foreign country was the cruelest form of torture. I will grieve that little baby every day for the rest of my life, and would have regardless of the 8th, but the…



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"The decision I had was never really a decision. Travel to a country where I had no support and end our little girl’s life or stay here get weekly scans all the while hoping there will be a miracle…

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"I sometimes can’t believe I actually had to do this, I had to leave my baby in another country. How cruel it is that we had to do this, it actually leaves me speechless."

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"On my previous pregnancies, I suffered from post-natal depression. At its worst, it took over two years to recover from. Postnatal depression has a massive impact on the whole family. There was no…

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"There seems to be a misconception that women who have abortions are predominantly young, single and broke. But a crisis pregnancy can happen to anyone, and everyone’s perception of a crisis is…

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"The only theatre I was in was the operating theatre and the only thing I bought while I was there was a tubal ligation to ensure this would never happen to me again. Why should I have had to make…

3 abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol

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"I ordered abortion pills online and spent a week freaking out about them being stopped at customs. It was terrifying to think that my entire life (and my 5 children’s) was hinging on one envelope…

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"The worst part about the whole thing was the secrecy. I felt like something huge and scary was happening to me and I couldn’t even talk to my closest friends because I wasn’t sure how they would…

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"My hormones were all over the place following the procedure, but having to take care of my father and worrying about my mother while I had no support for myself was incredibly difficult."

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"The silence and secrecy- was more painful and lonely than I could have ever imagined. We told no-one for over a year and he refused to speak about it with me, instead just pretending that it never…


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"I remember the heartache in both my parents faces when I told them. The sorrow at the life they had thought out for me that would now be nothing more than another young girl who ended up pregnant."

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Men’s Voices – Jay

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"Having said that, with young and sometimes very challenging children already, we both knew almost immediately that another was not something we wanted or possibly even could cope with as a family.…

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"I am now in my late 40s and was 16 years old when I first became pregnant. I was afraid to tell my family as 1980’s Ireland was not a welcoming place for women who were pregnant out of wedlock..."

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"I waddled to the bathroom and realised that someone had changed my underwear to an adult nappy. I remember thinking how strange and wrong it felt that the last time someone changed me was my mother…

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"When I arrived at the clinic I recognised a woman I had seen crying in the bathroom in Dublin airport – her friend reassuring her that it would be OK, and there was another girl from my flight as…

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"I had always thought of myself as “pro-life” but when it came down to it, I had to put the needs of my family first and so my partner & I decided that a medical abortion was the best option for our…

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"I suffered enormously with morning sickness. I lost a lot of weight and was severely dehydrated. So much so that the clinic had to give me a bag of fluid through an IV drip before they could examine…

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"This decision was not taken lightly, I think about it every day. I don't regret my decision but it still makes me sad every day. I wish I never had to make the decision. But, it happened to me and…

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"Trying to co-ordinate my flights, the clinic appointment as well as childcare was difficult. The only clinic I could attend was near Heathrow which meant that flights were super expensive. I had no…

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"I cried all the way to the clinic. I cried in the waiting room and he used viscous words to silence me, which only increased my sorrow. And still through this despair I knew I was doing the right…

All Alone, Having Confided in No one


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"It would be three weeks before I made my journey. I had to work my ass off doing extra shifts and trying to care for the baby I already had. Also trying to keep on top of lies I had created so that…

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"That was 19 years ago. 19 years of shame, of silence, of stigma. I did nothing wrong. I made a decision based on what was best for me at the time. I don’t regret it for one second and I think about…

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"When the day of the abortion finally arrives, I tell nobody that I am going. Sitting in Dublin airport on my own, I feel as if the eyes of everyone there are upon me, judging me. I can remember…

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Linnea – Guest Post

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"I’ve had people sympathise with me after our loss, saying that what we went through was ‘different’, that their heart goes out to me and that they don’t really see what happened to me – what I did –…

People standing on a bridge in solidarity

Men’s Voices – April 3

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"It’s likely an infection set in at some point after we arrived home, which caused the two miscarriages. We can’t say for sure whether having to fly home played a part, but it probably didn’t help.…

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"The care I received in the BPAS clinic was second to none. As a nurse myself it was wonderful to be treated with such dignity and compassion in a terrible situation. I’ll never forget the…

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Trish (Guest Post)

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"I wasn’t born with a physical disability, in fact, throughout my teenage years I held down two jobs and during college could be seen frequently practicing my 10k around the running track. So, as you…

Blood Stained Jeans after an Abortion

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"I glanced down and my legs and I horrified to see I was bleeding down to my knees on the inside in my light blue jeans. I felt so ashamed as I felt anyone that saw me would know I was just after…

A woman sits alone with an Irish passport

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"We couldn’t tell anyone, because we didn’t know who we could trust. Would the people who helped us through our miscarriage four years earlier judge us now? Abandon us?"

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"I went to my GP, a gentleman who had been my GP for 16 years. He was kind and compassionate. He gave me the information I needed about abortion and some much needed reassurance that this decision…


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"My whole world felt shattered. We couldn’t turn to our parents for support, so we had to figure this out alone. We were both young, scared and had heard all the stories our how our ‘lives would be…

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"By the time I made it the UK, I was 13 weeks pregnant. I can remember the clinic staff being very nice and kind. After the procedure, I felt so relieved. I never had a follow up check up with a…

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"I realised that if I had his baby, he would feel that he owned me and I would never be free of him. I felt that ending the pregnancy was the only way to avoid his anger and escape the relationship."

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"You can’t be proud of a country that doesn’t want you. The silence was agony. Pretending like nothing happened was agony. The journey was horrific beyond words but the aftermath was horrific too. I…

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"Shortly after my termination, I was admitted to hospital from an incomplete abortion. It was awful. This could have been avoided had I been able to access abortion care in Ireland. Instead I was…

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"I’ve carried that as a burden for years. A sense of shame that I didn’t deserve, that no one does. I read endless posts online about how terrible someone like me must be, how heartless. Sometimes I…