A lone woman looks through a broken window


"I cried all the way to the clinic. I cried in the waiting room and he used viscous words to silence me, which only increased my sorrow. And still through this despair I knew I was doing the right thing. I choked through my tears to confirm this flatly, in the pre-procedure interview."

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"I remember the heartache in both my parents faces when I told them.  I held my breath and blurted out to them and waited for either of them to turn around and slap me.  This didn't happen, in fact quite the opposite. Both of them were fully supportive of me and together the three of us set about planning my trip to England."

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"It was a horrendous decision, but one I've never regretted.  Ireland, do the right thing and never have your daughters  make this awful journey again..."

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A pregnant woman stands behind a hospital curtain

Guest Post – Linnea

This week we have a special guest post from Linnea. Her much loved & wanted pregnancy ended tragically while she was living in England. The contrast between the care she received as a UK resident & the care that Irish women are forced to travel to receive is stark...

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A woman sinks into an abortion pill


"Because of the total ban on abortion in this country I was trapped. The feeling of desperation was just horrendous. Each day I was getting sicker and sicker, vomiting more, eating less, all while having to keep the pregnancy a secret from my family and colleagues..."

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Anonymous 4

"My story happened exactly ten years ago... The day we arrived home, my mother was admitted to hospital for a week. I spent that time caring for my father, unable to talk to anyone because of the stigma attached to abortion."

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Two women look at a computer screen.


"Shortly after my termination, I ended up in hospital from an incomplete abortion. This could have been avoided if I had gone for an aftercare scan with IFPA or Reproductive Choices but I couldn’t face the people from Gianna Care again..."

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A pill packet with missed pills


"Being married and being pregnant with a baby you cannot see yourself being in any position to bring into this world is frightening, especially if you have two others, which I had at that time..."

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All Alone, Having Confided in No one


"It would be three weeks before I made my journey. I had to work my ass off doing extra shifts and trying to care for the baby I already had. Also trying to keep on top of lies I had created so that no one knew what was happening. I was numb and robotic for those three weeks..."

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"My parents wouldn’t have had a lot of spare money at the time with 6 children to raise so they took out a loan from a high interest finance company. The company called to our door every Saturday morning for a long time to collect the repayment."

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3 Empty Hospital Beds, blue sheets

Anonymous 3

"I was 16 years old when I first became pregnant. I was afraid to tell my family as 1980’s Ireland was not a welcoming place for women who were pregnant out of wedlock..."

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Empty Pill Box

Anonymous 2

" I found it a very uncomfortable situation that something was happening to my life that I didn't want and had no control over."

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Aircoach bus driving along a quiet road in the early morning


"Trying to co-ordinate my flights, the clinic appointment as well as childcare was difficult. The only clinic I could attend was near Heathrow which meant that flights were super expensive. I had no option but to travel alone..."

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Passport and boarding pass


"I would say to every Irish woman who like me had to make that tough lonely journey, Mná na hÉireann, be proud and may we soon not have to run away from our homes and country to seek the care and support we need."

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Woman looking out of a taxi window and anti-choice protesters


"I got a taxi to the clinic. The 'pro-life' protesters outside were shouting and roaring. I was terrified ... That was 19 years ago ... I did nothing wrong. I made a decision based on what was best for me."

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Image of 10 Women

Trish (Guest Post)

"I know that having the money [to travel] might make little difference as many days I’m bed-bound with movement terrifyingly painful, so an entire trek through airports and bus stations would be impossible."

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Girl with her eyes blacked out


"I spent endless time searching online for ways to have a home abortion. I did all sorts of desperate things to myself, to no avail. I worked evenings after college, and double shifts to save. I cried constantly and couldn’t eat..."

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"I was 22 weeks pregnant when we found out Grace was terminally ill. She had, after many examinations by professors of fetal medicine, Thanatophoric Dysplasia..."

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Pink bathtub with blood running down the drain


"When I arrived at the clinic I recognised a woman I had seen crying in the bathroom in Dublin airport – her friend reassuring her that it would be OK..."

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"There is no question that the abortion made my life better. It was not a decision I made lightly or with little thought, although I felt then (and still do) that it was the only choice I had that would lead to a positive outcome..."

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3 abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol

Anonymous 1

"It was terrifying to think that my entire life (and my 5 children’s) was hinging on one envelope making it into Ireland. Thankfully it arrived..."

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"I had always thought of myself as “pro-life” but when it came down to it, I had to put the needs of my family first and so my partner & I decided that a medical abortion was the best option for our family..."

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A hand will nail marks etched in from clenching your fist so tight


"In 2015,  I was not raped. There was no foetal abnormality. My life was not at risk. I was just a girl who was not ready to be a mother..."

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Nurses' scrubs hanging on a hook


"The care I received in the BPAS clinic was second to none. As a nurse myself it was wonderful to be treated with such dignity and compassion in a terrible situation..."

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Ireland is a nation of story tellers, yet there are some stories that we don’t tell. Every day the impacts of the 8th Amendment are experienced in the most personal and intimate ways imaginable. Through this project we reveal the humanity of complex lives, considered decisions and difficult journeys. We hope these stories bring perspective, compassion and understanding to often divisive and difficult public debates and will help us find common ground.

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