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"Trying to co-ordinate my flights, the clinic appointment as well as childcare was difficult. The only clinic I could attend was near Heathrow which meant that flights were super expensive. I had no option but to travel alone..."

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"I would say to every Irish woman who like me had to make that tough lonely journey, Mná na hÉireann, be proud and may we soon not have to run away from our homes and country to seek the care and support we need."

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"I got a taxi to the clinic. The 'pro-life' protesters outside were shouting and roaring. I was terrified ... That was 19 years ago ... I did nothing wrong. I made a decision based on what was best for me."

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"I spent endless time searching online for ways to have a home abortion. I did all sorts of desperate things to myself, to no avail. I worked evenings after college, and double shifts to save. I cried constantly and couldn’t eat..."

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"I was 22 weeks pregnant when we found out Grace was terminally ill. She had, after many examinations by professors of fetal medicine, Thanatophoric Dysplasia..."

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"When I arrived at the clinic I recognised a woman I had seen crying in the bathroom in Dublin airport – her friend reassuring her that it would be OK..."

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"There is no question that the abortion made my life better. It was not a decision I made lightly or with little thought, although I felt then (and still do) that it was the only choice I had that would lead to a positive outcome..."

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"It was terrifying to think that my entire life (and my 5 children’s) was hinging on one envelope making it into Ireland. Thankfully it arrived..."

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"I had always thought of myself as “pro-life” but when it came down to it, I had to put the needs of my family first and so my partner & I decided that a medical abortion was the best option for our family..."

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"In 2015,  I was not raped. There was no foetal abnormality. My life was not at risk. I was just a girl who was not ready to be a mother..."

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"The care I received in the BPAS clinic was second to none. As a nurse myself it was wonderful to be treated with such dignity and compassion in a terrible situation..."

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