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Last Updated August 19 2017

Everyday Stories requires all submissions to be accompanied by a name and email address so that the submitter may be verified. Everyday Stories recognises that people may wish to have their submission published anonymously. Everyday Stories will not publish the name or any other identifying information of any submitter without prior permission. Everyday Stories will comply with all rights and obligations pursuant to Data Protection Legislation in Ireland.

By submitting content to Everyday Stories in any format whatsoever you are consenting to the publication of that submission. Submissions may be illustrated. Submissions may be verbalised. While Everyday Stories will endeavour to publish all submissions  in their original form they may be edited in order to remove defamatory, offensive  or any  other material. Submissions may be copyedited.

Everyday Stories cannot guarantee that every submission received will be published.

All content published by Everyday Stories is the copyright of Everyday Stories. Any reproduction of the content without permission is prohibited.

Submissions to Everyday Stories are published for information purposes only and publication is not an endorsement of any views expressed therein. While every effort is made in preparing submissions for publication no responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of Everyday Stories for any errors, omissions or misleading statements therein.