Eabha’s Story

My name is Eabha. Three weeks after my boyfriend of three and a half years broke up with me I found out I was pregnant. I was living and working as a nurse in the UK at the time, had just been offered a Masters level postgraduate course with work and was in no way financially prepared to have a baby.

My decision was made the moment I took the test. I went to my GP, who took one look at my face when I told her about the pregnancy and simply said “don’t worry, I will help you.”

My appointment was scheduled for a Saturday, which meant asking my boss for a day off at very short notice. I broke down in tears in her office as I explained why I desperately needed it. I would later find out she herself was pregnant too.

One Nurse To Another

The care I received in the BPAS clinic was second to none. As a nurse myself it was wonderful to be treated with such dignity and compassion in a terrible situation. I thanked them and thanked them as I left, so much so that they laughed as I said it one more time before leaving.

I’ll never forget the overwhelming sense of relief when it was over. I had my life back.

I was lucky. An Irish girl who had access to free, safe and legal abortion in the country I was living in. I want the same experience for every woman who needs help. The care and compassion I received from every healthcare professional was outstanding; the thought of women in the same situation as me feeling ostracised and shamed haunts me. For those women, I will join in the fight to give them the rights the are entitled to.

Nurses' scrubs hanging on a hook

Artist: Sofya Mikhaylova

Audio: Fiona O’Connor

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